Meet the crazy characters that agreed to join this amazing adventure!
Derek @whatadayderek

Derek is a devout wanderer, always impatient for his next adventure. He moved to Los Angeles with nothing, but after dabbling in a few different things and a lot of luck, he was able to buy his own boat. He's putting everything on the line, including what's left of his bank account, to follow his dream of traveling the world and taking you with him.
Lauren @lauren_gaw

Lauren is a proud homebody whose favorite hobbies include knitting and listening to Celine Dion. She gets seasick on the regular and suffers panic attacks when swimming in the ocean. She's definitely stepping outside her comfort zone, but at least she'll make sure that everyone's paperwork is neatly organized in a color-coded binder.

Brazos @whatadaybrazos

Brazos can usually be found sunbathing and will eat almost anything. He's got a mean bark, but instead of a bite, he'll attack you with kisses. He's already been to 14 states, and now, he's ready to take on the rest of the world.