We're recording every nautical mile of our journey so you can follow along. Find all our videos by clicking the YouTube button below!
  1. Setting Sail for Cabo (The Captain's Vlog) Ep. 4
    After a spending a month in Ensenada, we finally find good window to make the five day sail to Cabo San Lucas. There are a lot of things to get ready like take Brazos for a final hike, clean the boat inside and out, and go over our route. Oh yeah, and teach the crew how to operate the boat.
  2. WE LOST OUR CREW!!! (The Captain's Vlog) Ep. 5
    We cannot wait to get out of Ensenada! We take Brazos for one final hike to get his energy out, clean up the boat, and set sail for Cabo. It isn't all smooth sailing and a few days in, we take a detour to rest at a nearby anchorage. Our new crew members have already had enough and we stop at a small port to say our farewells. Eventually, we make it to Cabo (finally)!
  3. We Survived! (The Captain's Vlog) Ep. 6
    Lauren's birthday celebrations continue in Cabo San Lucas with a huge ice cream sundae at Señor Sweets. After soaking up some sun, taking a few dips in the ocean, and a reprovisioning trip at Walmart, we pack up our things and leave for Puerto Vallarta.